A keypad that combines the Lutron SeeTouch Lighting control keypad and a Heatmiser Thermostat in a single wall plate that maintains the SeeTouch design characteristics.

This keypad which was launched at ISE 2011 on the Lutron stand. We received the commission by an AV Installer that required a way of aesthetically reducing wall clutter. The design has been based on the success of the previous design and manufactured GT-Keypad.

The existing heating thermostat was unsightly and Polar Bear Solutions were commissioned to provide an aesthetically pleasing solution to this common issue.

The keypad consists of a faceplate with built in thermostat that mounts onto an existing Lutron SeeTouch keypad. This gives the visual appearance of a single product that manages both lighting and heating control without the expense of installing a touch screen. The thermostats can be linked together using a communications cable. Control systems such as AMX or Crestron can then programmed to interface with the thermostat.

The lighting control system used was a Lutron Homeworks system that used the US SeeTouch keypad.

This design is not just a new metal face plate, but has a custom plastic mount which includes the thermostat pre-installed. The enclosure can then be clipped to the Lutron lighting keypad. The plastic mould was finished in a brushed metal plate to match the other Lutron keypads in the installation.

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