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Our specialised design services enable our key partners to deliver completely integrated and tailored solutions for their projects across the Home Automation, Luxury Hotel and Superyacht sectors.

As passionate British engineers and innovators, we are committed to constantly designing and developing our products with the needs of our clients front of mind.

16 June 2022

At every level, our core design service equips our clients with the most cost-effective and industry-leading solution possible.
We take the time to listen and gain an in-depth understanding of their requirements.
Applying our expertise and ingenuity alongside our renowned finesse, we begin crafting unrivalled product solutions.

Whatever your requirements, our state-of-the-art products can be further engineered with bespoke finishes, customisable materials, textures and customised branding.
Our products can even be manufactured exclusively and only to you, a signature solution for your projects that place you ahead of the competition.

Our philosophy ensures that at every level our design service provides an exclusive solution for you.
In form, with exquisite craftsmanship, inspired design and an enduring aesthetic which can be entirely bespoke.
Through function, combining a powerful intelligent and intuitive interface that is tailored to your requirements.
With integration that is pioneering and transformative across numerous applications that lead to limitless possibilities.

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