Zentium Pro Thermostat, awarded Made in Britain status

21 Jun 2022


A mark of british engineering and enviromental resposability

Made in Britain

Made in Britain brings together the British manufacturing community, united with the use of the registered collective mark. The mark is protected and can only be used by members of Made in Britain that meet the criteria we set to guarantee the member is a British manufacturer. There are similar marks being used by organisations that wish to emulate the success of the Made in Britain mark. These copy-cat marks are not registered or protected and do not provide the guarantees given by the official Made in Britain organisation.

About the Zentium Pro Thermostat

The Zentium thermostat is a pro installer thermostat primerilly used in the high end residential market, hotels and conference rooms.
The thermostat boasts a intuative and simple way for users to control there heating and cooling systems. This simplicity to use is combined with a sofiticated interface for system integrators to interface with there building control systems.

About the Value Chain

When consultants, specifiers or customers choice a product it is important for them to understand the where there money goes and who it supports. The made in Britain registration process ensure the value chain of our product meets a specified criteria. With the world coming out of the Covid-19 crisis it's never been more important to understand who and what your money supports.


Made in Britain are committed to helping the Great British trade market. We are proud to present their British made products to the rest of the world. This free to download logo will show your customers that you are honoured to be exporting from Britain. The Made in Britain logo is Britain’s mark of excellence; add it to your products today and join the rest of Great Britain in showing your loyalty to the British market. Find out why you should be using this free Made in Britain logo!

The logo adds value to your products by showing that you are proud to be exporting from Great Britain. The free to use logo lifts marketing material and makes your product stand out. The stylish, versatile design can be applied your British made product, website and packaging. Show your customers that you are responding to changes in the market by being amongst the first in your industry to display the Made in Britain logo.

Using the Made in Britain logo allows you to stand proud in the worldwide market and define your pedigree. Representing British values and leveraging off the shared business history that connects us all. Show the world that you are proud to be British and apply to download the free logo today. View our free Logo in Action page to see examples of the logo in use.

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