Solidworks 3D CAD Engineer - Available for Contract Hire

Short term contracting hire available

Polar Bear solutions offers Solidworks 3D contractors for short or long term hire

We offer experienced and senior CAD engineers that are experienced in injection moldings, sheet metal and rapid prototyping in a variety of industries. We understand the full life cycle of a product and its design from the importance of time to market and the ability to take a product from initial design all the way through to prototyping, initial runs and full production.

We have been recently involved in the design for UAV drones and electric skateboards as well as many other broad industry markets and the different demands that each have.

Whether it is to boost productivity, a fresh look at a problem or to deal with an influx of work, we can help. 

Our engineers can either work directly at your offices or from our own, reducing your management and overheads.

Our rates are competitive and based on the size of the project and how long you need us for.

Get in touch and we can arrange a meeting to explore how we can help