Polar Bear Solutions Ltd is an approved Pronto accessory manufacturer of Philips

PB-AVS Video Sensor

Polar Bear solutions have released the PB-AVS Video Sensor allowing installers to have better control over AV devices by being informed about the power status of a Video device that it is connected to. By combing this product with a control system, it allows the installer to create more efficient IR macros, which ultimately creates a better user experience.

The PB-AVS Video Sensor is a small device that is connected to an unused composite video output from a DVD player, Flat screen, Amplifier or other similar devices and monitors the signal produced from that device. The unit provides physical feedback (via an output contact) to indicate if the signal is present. This information can be used within a control system to manage the power status of devices or to be used to determine the appropriate IR codes for control.

The PB-AVS Video Sensor can be powered directly from the Philips RFX9600 or appropriate 5v DC regulated power supply. The output trigger that indicates if the connected device is either On or in Standby is an isolated relay output ensuring that a clean volt free indicator is provided to the attached control system.

Typical uses

  • To confirm when a Blue ray disk has booted up and is ready to receive further IR commands.
  • To enable a logical function to be added to a control system to more intelligently manage IR commands sent to AV devices.
  • To have complete awareness and monitoring of the power status of installed AV equipment.

Design / Features

  • Sensor capacity for Composite Video Signal
  • 5sec average monitoring buffer to reduce false triggers created by noise.
  • Can be powered from RFX9600, a USB socket (via special cable) or from an optional 5v DC PSU.
  • Small Package with cable tie loops suitable for hiding behind Screens and behind AV products within racks, eliminating the need for additional rack space to be allocated.

Distribution & Availability

The PB-AVS Video Sensor will be available via authorised distributors only. These distributors will typically be located in the countries that have authorised distribution for the Philips TSU9600 product range.

Tech Specification:

DC Power input requirement: Regulated 5v DC 70mA (+/- 10%)*

Output “Signal Sensed” Relay: Max Current: 0.5Amp DC || Max Voltage 100V DC

Colour: Black

Size (max): 35 x 21 x 50mm (W x H x L) **

Excluding input connector plugs

* Power Supply not included

** Outline CAD drawings available on request.