Polar Bear Solutions Ltd is an approved Pronto accessory manufacturer of Philips

Polar Bear Solutions release the long awaited wall docking station for the Philips TSU9600 touch screen remote. In conjunction with Philips and Custom installers, the product has been developed to address an opportunity in the Philips TSU9600 offering.

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The PB-PWD9600 wall docking station is a flush mount in-wall dock that allows the Philips TSU9600 remote to be stored in wall, typically at the entrance of a room. This essentially extends the possibilities that the TSU9600 can be used in and allows the product to compete with other more expensive solutions.

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One unique feature of the PB-PWD9600 wall docking station is that it hosts a set of four built in buttons that are located at the base of the dock. As these buttons are physically located on the wall dock they can be used for critical services regardless of whether the TSU9600 is charging in the dock or has been left elsewhere in the room. The main purpose for these buttons is for them to be integration into an existing lighting control solution, such as Lutron or iLight etc. but the can be used to trigger a projector screen or automate other aspects of the property. With other more costly wall docks and touch screen solutions this would men that an additional lighting keypad is required, which increases all clutter and the overall solutions costs. Included with the product is a button blanking strip that replaces the buttons for installations they do not require them.

Once the TSU9600 is placed into the wall dock it will start charging the battery. To improve simplicity on the installation the power requirements have been design to use 12v DC power supplies that can be remotely located. The unit then converts this to the appropriate power requirements for the Phillips Pronto TSU9600. An optional din rail 12v DC power supply is also available from Polar Bear Solutions.

To release the TSU9600 remote control a soft release mechanism smoothly presents the remote control to the user.

The docking station comes in two parts, the wall box and the main docking station. The wall box comes with a termination and test feature that allows the cables to be terminated and hence tested prior to a typical 2nd fix stage. This ensures that cables are confirmed prior to expensive finishes being completed in the property which can then lead to costly fault finding and also remove final fix work required when the pressure is on to complete.

Design / Features

  • Four integrated buttons for Lighting control, Projector Screen and other i/o device integration
  • Smooth eject mechanism to present the TSU9600 to the user
  • TSU9600 charges while docked (from an optional remote 12v DC PSU)
  • Button blanking strip included for when the contol bttons are not required 
  • Back box included 
  • Dock available in silver to match the TSU9600. Optional colours will be considered for later release
  • Simple 1st fix termination and test back box

Distribution & Availability

The PB-PWD9600 wall docking station will be available via authorised distributors only. These distributors will typically be located in the countries that have authorised distribution for the Philips TSU9600 product range.

Tech Spec

  • Power input requirement: 12v DC 1.8Amps Nominal (max 12v DC, Min 9v DC)
  • Push Buttons: 4 x Momentary Volt Free Contacts
  • Max. Current rating 50mA @ 12Vdc
  • Power terminal size: 2x 2.5mm screw terminal
  • Back Box Size: 180 x 142 x 89mm (W x H x D)
  • Product size on wall: 187 x 150 (W x H)

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