Polar Bear Solutions Ltd is an approved Pronto accessory manufacturer of Philips

Saving energy and using products that are environmentally friendly are some of the many challenges that installers face. Polar Bear solutions have released the PB-PSR allowing installers to create more energy efficient installations and help raise their profile by being mindful about the environment. The small inline PB-PSR not only monitors the current passing through it, but can also shut off mains power to the equipment it is linked to. Ideal for resetting AV equipment or reducing energy used while in standby.


The PB-PSR can be used stand alone or as a companion product for the Philips RFX9600 or any other control system for installers looking to save energy and increase control over mains voltage devices.

The PB-PSR Power Sensor Relay is a small device that sits inline with the mains supply to a DVD player, Flat screen, Amplifier or other device and monitors the power (current) used by that device. The unit provides physical feedback (via an output contact) to indicate if the unit is On or in Standby, configured by setting a threshold dial. This information can be used within a control system to manage the power status of devices or to be used to determine the appropriate IR codes for control.

One unique feature of the PB-PSR Power Sensor Relay is the ability to completely power off the device it is connected to. This is ideal for creating a green energy saving feature. This can not only save energy but also reduce heat build up within cabinets and enclosures. This feature is also ideal for resetting third-party products that have got into an unknown or problematic state, which reduces the need for a site visit. This can be programmed into an admin page of a touch screen or potentially issued from a remote console depending on the control system it is linked to.

The PB-PSR Power Sensor Relay can be powered directly from the Philips RFX9600 or appropriate 5v DC regulated power supply. The output trigger that indicates if the connected device is either On or in Standbyis an isolated relay output ensuring that a clean volt free indicator is provided to the attached control system. The input trigger, to turn on or off the mains voltage is a dry contact input which allows for easy integration into a control system or even a simple rocker switch on the front of a rack could be used safely to restart appropriate equipment.


  • To be used as a set top box reset device e.g. small icon on touch screen “Reset Sky”.
  • To power off all TV screens and Amps when you leave the house, by linking multiple PB-PSRs to a house alarm system.
  • To have complete awareness and monitoring of the power status of installed AV equipment.
  • To trigger a projector lift (Lower / Raise) when a projector is turned on / off.
  • To determine if computers are on and have the ability to remotely hard reset them via a control system.
  • To save energy and reduce heat build up within racks or cupboards.
  • Timed power off, can be configured via an external control system to power off all devices during the night.
  • To enable a logical function to be added to a control system to more intelligently manage IR commands sent to AV devices.


  • 110v / 230v AC Mains voltage power sensor.
  • High & Low ranges of current sensitivity thresholds for a wide variety of products.
  • Power kill switch trigger to cut all power off to the attached device, useful for saving energy & for AV System Resets.
  • 2sec average monitoring buffer to reduce false triggers created by noise.
  • Can be powered from RFX9600, a USB socket (via special cable) or from an optional 5v DC PSU.
  • Universal Input & Output IEC mains connections for maximum compatibility
  • Small Package with cable tie loops suitable for hiding behind Screens and behind AV products within racks, eliminating the need for additional rack space to be allocated.


The PB-PSR Power Sensor Relay will be available via authorised distributers only. These distributers will typically be located in the that have authorised distribution for the Philips TSU9600 product range.


  • DC Power input requirement:
    • Regulated 5v DC 70mA (+/- 10%)*
  • Mains Voltage Rating:
    • 110v to 230v AC (Max 6Amps)
    • A fused 6Amp plug should be used with this product.
  • Mains Voltage Threshold Range:
    • 15mA to 1200mA (approx) @ 230v AC
  • Output “Over threshold” Relay:
    • Max Current: 0.5Amp DC || Max Voltage 100V DC
  • Input Relay Trigger:
    • Volt free dry contact
  • Colour: Black
  • Size (max): 60 x 40 x 111mm (W x H x L) **

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