The Polar Bear Custom Lutron Euro & GreenTec Keypad

This keypad has been commissioned by a Custom AV Installer that required a way of aesthetically reducing wall clutter. The heating control system was a closed system that did not allow any technical integration into a home automation system and adding a touch screen into every room was cost prohibitive.


The existing heating thermostat was unsightly and Polar Bear Solutions were commissioned to provide an aesthetically pleasing solution to this common issue. The heating control system was installed by a third-party contractor that had no solution to the aesthetic issues. The lighting control system used was a Lutron Homeworks system that used the Euro keypad.

The new designed keypad was not just a simple case of creating a new metal face plate, but actually required a platic mould to allow the new keypad to simply clip onto the Euro Lutron lighting keypad. The plastic mould was finished in a brushed metal plate to match the other Lutron Euro keypads in the installation. The prototype keypad was scrutinised for not only being an excellent match to the Lutron Euro keypads but also tested to ensure the corect thermal air flow still allowed the thermostat to operate correctly. After the prototype was approved, the product went into production.

The overall solution provided a significantly more cost effective approach than using touch panels in every room, yet provided a extremely integrated user experience across the property and allowed the Heating contractor to install and service his own equipment with minimal concern regarding a communications control system providing the correct controls and feedback.

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