The Polar Bear Custom TV Enclosure

Polar Bear 3mm TV

This design concept was again driven by an aesthetic demand to have an installation that looked above and beyond a typical installation. The design driven by a customers requirements to ensure that the TV screen appeared to be stuck on the wall and to not protrude more than 3mm.


Polar Bear Solutions took on the challenge to create a custom enclosure that no only gave the screen a great appearance but to also be practical to insall and service the TV screen and also keep the device cool and ensure the correct air flow is maintained.

An steel enclosure was fabricated with cooling ducts and thermostatic control. The frame of the enclosure was made from black polished acrylic to match the TV screen and manufactured so its aperture was only 2mm larger than the TV screen.

The overall solution provided a stunning effect one that appeared almost sureal in the way it looked.

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